Deep In My Heart

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    Re: Deep In My Heart

    britney-slaves - 05.06.2004, 15:10

    Deep In My Heart
    Walking through time looking for an answer
    How can it be this way
    What have I done
    I just can't help but wonder
    How everything could change.


    'Cause you have turned my world around
    Since you came along, no
    After this love was found it seems like we can't go wrong.


    Deep in my heart
    I know there's only you
    And right from the start I always knew
    I never let go
    'Cause i love you so
    Ohhoohh I want you for the rest of my life.

    Some people search what seems to be a lifetime
    To find a love like this
    And here we are
    With everything we wished for
    I never felt such bliss.

    CHORUS 1+2

    There comes a chance in everyones life
    And I believe it won't happen twice
    Now since I've felt the glory of love
    I want spend forever
    (And ever with you).

    2x CHORUS 2

    Deep in my heart
    Deep in my heart
    I want you for the rest of my life
    I want you for the rest of my life.

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