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    Re: Free Women Vs slaves

    Windsweptgold - 12.07.2007, 09:51

    Free Women Vs slaves
    Sorry guys Im not talking about mud wrestling here

    Often it is said that slaves have it hard in gor but do they?
    They have the collar they know their place they have their instructions there is no high expectations a slave is to please their owner that is the focus.
    A FW what of her she is constrained by the laws , from childhood is trained in the ways of a slave, she can run a business hold a position but still she is a women and therfore answerable to a man any man. She runs the house if FC and takes care of all her partners belongings if he is away.
    Daily she has to watch herself for a slip and she could be in a collar and if so she looses everything she had including her self she loosing her standing her Caste her birth right
    So is gor harder on slaves then FW ?

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