Naruto dies...?
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    Re: Naruto dies...?

    Kakashi Sensei - 16.07.2007, 19:07

    Naruto dies...?
    [size=24]... what is this...? this water trickling down my face? could it be? am i crying? but why?? i have finaly reached my goal... i finaly have the MS... but this is not the feeling that i had awaited... hurts as if someone was tortuing me... sticking a knife into every part of my body... a sudden feeling of everlasting lonleyness... it's like back then when... he killed them... Sasuke looked at his blood coverd hands Narutos blood...Kakashis words came flooding back


    sasuke >>whats the meaning of this...??<<kakashi>>if i didnt do this you'd run away... you aren't the type to listen quietly while i preach...<<sasuke>>cheh!<<kakashi>>sasuke... quit seeking this line of work...i've seen just how bad guys like you can get... in the end, those who tasted revenge... were not satisfied... it ended in tragedy... you'll only hurt and suffer more... even if you are successful in you're revenge, all you'll be left with is emptyness...<<sasuke>> what the hell do you know?! don't talk to me like you understand!<<kakashi>>hey... calm down...<<sasuke>>what if i were to... kill the one you love most?! how far would you stray from what you just said? i can make you feel real pain!<<kakashi>>... that would work, however... unfortunatly, for me no such person exists. those people have already... been killed. i also lived in a long, hard era. i understand how terrible true pain and loss is. well! we aren't the lucky ones... that's for sure. but we aren't the worst off. <<sasuke>>...<<kakashi>>both you and i have found precious companions<<sasuke>>...<<kakashi>>you should know from your loss... chidori is a power given to you because you found things important fot you. that power is not something to be used against your friends or for revenge. you yourself should know what that power should be used for. think hard on wether you can or can not hold true to what i've said.<<sasuke>>...<<
    memory ends[/size][/size]

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    Naruto dies...? - gepostet von Kakashi Sensei am Montag 16.07.2007

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