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Re: Back again! :o)

Roxy - 22.06.2005, 10:51
Back again! :o)
Hello!!! Nice to see the IS page is back again! At first I thought there were maybe problems with the webmaster and I'm glad to see I was wrong! Nice to see that Harald is still the *boss*! :wink: :D How are you all doing out there? :)

Re: Back again! :o)

atlantis - 22.06.2005, 19:47

Hey Rox! :D

Great to see you back. I just got back today myself after being ill. Yep, I got freaked out as well when I saw the dockyard1 IS page up sometime, great to see it back :)


Re: Back again! :o)

Roxy - 23.06.2005, 12:31
Back again! :o)
Being ill? Oops, sorry to hear it, hope it was nothing serious... :?
Yes, it's nice to have our forum back on line! :wink: :D

Re: Back again! :o)

Helloweenie - 23.06.2005, 16:13
Well, thanks for asking for me! Of course everything is fine with me, no problems at all concerning the webpage and the band from my point of view! :-)

I myself in between had to write my examination essay (about 200 pages) during 5 months... will have to hand it in in the middle of July. It at the moment means many sleepless nights writing stuff, because it's too warm at daytime.

In between I also had a rather hard time at the rowing club where I am working with "my" kids. It is very sad that todays children have many more problems in her life than I can solve :cry: , but I am trying my best to make them smile again in life...

But I still keep on living, even if it is hard to have time left for oneself...

Okay, have again fun on that page, I hope I will soon be able to post some news for you here, but will have to contact Piet first, because I hardly have heard anything of him, because he has been busy last months so much!


Re: Back again! :o)

Roxy - 30.06.2005, 14:15
Re: Webmaster...
Hi Harald!!! You see, we didn't forget you, *Boss*! :wink: :D I even tried to e-mail you when I saw the site was down, but the mail returned to me... :( I thought to give you a call, but didn't want to disturb you... :)

I hear you when talking of so much work to do... :? In these last two months I'm getting mad with gallerists, exhibitions, new paintings and promotion. It's usually something I do love, I don't complain about it, but since a couple of weeks there's a kind of African weather here... very hot for a usual June (actually there are 33° C) and a VERY high humidity. It's so hard working... I can't sleep at night 'cause it's really too hot and I'm getting tired and nervous :( AAARRGGHH!!! I DO love winter!! I hate this weather! :evil:
Btw, of course I wish you all the best for your essay!! Let us know how it goes, ok? :)

And, yes... you are right... today's children are very problematic :( I do not have kids, but I'm very closed to my 12 years old niece, she's like a daughter to me, I spend much time with her and her friends too, and looking at some of her schoolmates I totally agree with you. Nowadays families seem to be always too busy to really understand the pressure their kids are under... :? One would like to help them all, but how could we? It's already enough that you try to do something for them, you gotta be proud of it, boy! :)
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