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    Re: The Call

    Danath - 02.07.2004, 19:54

    The Call
    What do you guys think about the bonus track The Call? :wink: I personally think it rocks.
    Piet and Yenz,you did a wonderful job! :D It fits perfectly for the end of the album. 8)

    Re: The Call

    atlantis - 03.07.2004, 06:40

    The Call? What call? How come I don't know about a call? :roll: A bonus track? WOW! How come? More luck, geez :P

    Re: The Call

    Helloweenie - 03.07.2004, 22:26

    Bonus Track
    Yes, you are right, it's the bonus track of the Digipack-CD of Battering Ram.

    Re: The Call

    atlantis - 04.07.2004, 13:35

    Now, I really must know - What's a digipack? :oops:

    Re: The Call

    Helloweenie - 04.07.2004, 23:46

    Definition digi-pack:
    Well, a digi-pack is a special edition of a cd, for example it has a different packaging than a jewel case cd. Look at some Gamma Ray releases, Powerplant has been released as a special edition in a long-box, the double live album of Gamma Ray could be called digi-pack...

    The Iron Savior special edition is a cd in a kind if paper-book and contains some things, the jewel case cd doesn't have, 1 more song and a tattoo.

    I hope I could help you!? :?:

    Re: The Call

    Danath - 05.07.2004, 22:53

    If anyone get the digipack please tell your opinion about The Call. :wink:

    Re: The Call

    Wong Chung Bang - 06.07.2004, 20:23

    Actually I don't know if I'll get the digipack version or not... Amazon are rather bad for sending the wrong versions of things, it seems. I'll have to ask home about it.

    Re: The Call

    atlantis - 07.07.2004, 11:12

    Ah! So that's what a digipack is. Thought it was something digital! :P

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