Why not?

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    Re: Why not?

    Rocky Balboa - 18.05.2004, 22:15

    Why not?
    The band or perhaps the administrator can answer me.
    Why not make an Iron Savior DVD with the concerts and videclips? Would be great!! A million of copys will to sell out in a question of minuts?
    Why not?

    Re: Why not?

    Helloweenie - 19.05.2004, 00:08

    Well, even if I would by about 5 copies of an DVD and give it to my friends to tell them that THIS is real music and not the shit you hear in the radios, :lol: I don't think that there will be enough people buying an DVD.

    But what I think is the biggest problem are the high costs you have to pay for a video or even DVD production! Music business doesn't make so much money to have enough for such projects... :(

    :arrow: BTW, there is a video-clip on the Interlude album included, which shows one song recorded in Wacken! :o

    Hope I could answer your question!?

    Re: Why not?

    CYGNUS - 19.05.2004, 17:19

    Yeah, i agree with Harald

    Its hard for Heavy Metal bands to realease a good dvd, because a lot of reasons... but the main problem is the cost...
    Take for example a band like Gamma Ray, they never made an dvd, and they have a lot of more fans than Iron Savior, maybe its too early for a dvd realease for savior, but i think we can expect something in the future, the Iron Savior Fans are growing

    Re: Why not?

    Piet - 21.05.2004, 14:12

    the costs are definately one factor... they are quite high. We start to think about the dvd-thing a couple of weeks ago and are working on an interesting idea. Of course this is related to our touringactivities which we will put togeather within the following 2-3 weeks...


    Re: Why not?

    atlantis - 21.05.2004, 15:00

    Sometimes I'd think it would be so fun if a lot of people listened to metal the world over, and that's when I also decided the charm would get lost :P

    Back to topic, wow Piet, a DVD? That would be awesomee! (ofcourse, to see it here would be wishful thinking lol). I don't know how many of the growing Savior community world-wide will get to view it, but we shall know that after a DVD is released :D 2 - 3 weeks, ambitious!

    Go Savior! :D

    Re: Why not?

    Observador Celeste - 26.05.2004, 17:39

    About Gamma Ray's DVD
    Hey Cygnus, Gamma Ray DID released a DVD!. Is called "Lust for Live"!!

    Re: Why not?

    Helloweenie - 26.05.2004, 21:58

    Gamma Ray DVD
    Well... the Gamma Ray "DVD" has been a VHS-Tape before... a normal Video, but it has been re-released as DVD later on... and I think the material you have to have for a DVD must be much gtter than for a normal video tape... because the level is much higher in between... but who knows if there perhaps will one day be a cool Iron Savior DVD!? :P

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