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    Re: Welcome Yenz

    CYGNUS - 10.05.2004, 03:12

    Welcome Yenz
    Well this message is for the new Iron Savior bassplayer Yenz Leonhardt

    I want to wish the best for you, sucess, good times, and fun with Iron Savior, i believe you are a good choice to take the place of Jan.

    I want to ask some questions for you

    1 - When Piet invited you to join the Iron Savior?

    2 - What you felt when you were invited?

    3 - What are your perspectives for the future with iron savior?

    So, thats it! Welcome to Iron Savior!

    Cheers! :D

    Re: Welcome Yenz

    Yenz - 10.05.2004, 17:18

    Hey Cygnus,

    After Thomas left Gamma Ray in 1996 I produced an album with his band Anesthesia for Victor/Japan, and we stayed in touch ever since. Piesel often did the live sound when you played around on the club scene in Hamburg, so I knew him pretty well too, and respected both him and Thomas as good players.

    So it felt like coming home when I joined Iron Savior last Summer, just before the Gates Of Metal Festival in Sweden.

    We started working on the new album in the end of October, and had a lot of fun doing it. We want to play as many shows as possible to promote "Battering Ram". This album really deserves it.

    Thanx for the welcome,

    Y E N Z

    Re: Welcome Yenz

    mrsleazy - 12.05.2004, 10:16

    Welcome Yenz and thanxx for explainin' about your entrance in IRON SAVIOR. Our best wishes for you and the band.
    Apart from that, let me tell ya sumthin': I've been always (maybe) the biggest fan of your singing and writing songs since the Geisha days and you cannot imagine how happy I am now that I have a place where finally I can get in touch with you.
    Maybe you have seen my other post in the guestbook and in the general discussion of this messageboard announcing our website CLAWS OF SIN ( http://www.clawsofsin.tk ) , which is kinda a tribute site to your rock' n' roll career (among other things) with a very personal view (I think it is the only website like this in the whole world). Hope you like it. If there's something you think I should correct, add, delete, etc. please let me know.
    We miss your singing so much man! Maybe one day... we keep the faith...

    Cheerz/Mr. Sleazy

    Re: Welcome Yenz

    Yenz - 12.05.2004, 17:29

    Welcome Yenz
    Hi Mr. Sleazy,

    I feel truly honoured by your dedicated work on your home page www.clawsofsin.tk . Nobody knows what the future will bring, but at the moment I really enjoy my part in the Iron Savior Universe and I'm very hungry to go out nailgunning on stage with the band. - C.U. there!

    Y E N Z

    Re: Welcome Yenz

    mrsleazy - 13.05.2004, 10:18

    Thank you very much for your kind words, Yenz! Please feel free to communicate with me for anything about you I should change in my site. Hope to see you playin' live somewhere very soon. If you had come together with Piet here to Barcelona for promo maybe could have met. And, besides your time in IRON SAVIOR, which I wish is gonna be long and very successful, please don't never forget about the idea of singing again your own songs solo or formin' another band in the future to come... We miss you as main role in a band as you used to have long ago! But for the moment we're satisfied with you co-writing some songs in IRON SAVIOR and singing backing vocals. Cannot wait to listen to IRON SAVIOR new stuff!

    Best regards & wishes!

    Mr. Sleazy

    Re: Welcome Yenz

    Rocky Balboa - 16.05.2004, 23:30

    Wellcome Yenz, all of us are sure that you will make a perfect work like the other people of the band.
    Wow it's incredible that you can talk with your favourite band members. You're "true and simple man" yeah we can ask for and you will respond. All of you are the best.
    Good luck with BR

    Re: Welcome Yenz

    mrsleazy - 18.08.2004, 12:13

    CLAWS OF SIN bran new messageboard
    You can post and discuss about whatever related to Yenz Leonhardt's career at CLAWS OF SIN messageboard, which has moved from shared messageboard with HELLSINKI VAMPIRES and been opened as a brand new own messageboard with huge sections dedicated exclusively to Tigertailz and Diamond Rexx!
    Go to: http://clawsofsin.proboards26.com or access from "Heyday Of Youth" Section of CLAWS OF SIN Website http://www.clawsofsin.tk
    Cheerz/Mr. Sleazy

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