Piet, what are your favorite Songs?

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    Re: Piet, what are your favorite Songs?

    CYGNUS - 09.05.2004, 03:17

    Piet, what are your favorite Songs?
    Hello Piet!

    Like this topic said, i wanted to know what are your favorite songs of each Iron Savior album, thank you!

    Re: Piet, what are your favorite Songs?

    Piet - 10.05.2004, 17:15

    That"s realz hard to say... I"ll imit it to 2 songs per album

    Iron Savior

    Atlantis Falling and the title track


    Coming Home and Mind Over Matter


    Contortions Of Time and Stonecold

    Dark Assault

    Made Of Metal and I"ve Benn To Hell

    Condition Red

    Titans Of Our Time and the title track

    Battering Ram

    Battering Ram, Tyranny Steel, Time Will Tell, Wings Of Deliverance and Break The Curse... and of course H.M. Powered Man.... ok, that"s more than 2 songs...

    Re: Piet, what are your favorite Songs?

    Danath - 11.05.2004, 02:49

    Wow! Piet likes nearly the same songs as me! :D I feel important,hehe. :wink:

    Re: Piet, what are your favorite Songs?

    CYGNUS - 11.05.2004, 03:00

    Yeah thats cool, isn't it?

    Maybe we can consider these songs as classics, because most of iron savior fans love these songs

    Re: Piet, what are your favorite Songs?

    Rocky Balboa - 16.05.2004, 23:23

    Wow Piet how can you decide? If it is impossible! all of songs are the best, well you're one of the people that has listened BR, so you can decide, yeah Tyranny of steel I'm sure that will be the best

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