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    Re: Limited Edition

    Wong Chung Bang - 18.05.2004, 17:37

    Limited Edition
    I notice that on Amazon there's a "Limited edition" of the new album available for pre-order - is there any word on what the difference between the limited edition and the standard one will be?

    Re: Limited Edition

    Piet - 21.05.2004, 15:18

    the limited edition will carry one extra-track composed by Yenz (lenght 6:50!!!). It truly is not just-another-track... this one's realy cool and worthy to be the lim.ed. bonus. Besides that there will be an extra booklet with the entire IS story rewritten in one big story where I tried to eliminate as much mistakes as possible (spelling and storyline wise...). And a little gimmik you should find out for yourself....


    Re: Limited Edition

    Wong Chung Bang - 21.05.2004, 15:24

    Will do! Just ordering it from Amazon just now. Thanks.

    Re: Limited Edition

    Agony - 19.06.2004, 20:48

    What the f***! No extra booklet in my digipack :evil: Gimmik was found..

    Re: Limited Edition

    Helloweenie - 19.06.2004, 21:11

    No extra booklet either...
    ... I got it directly from NOISE and it also didn't include a special booklet with the story... :cry:

    Re: Limited Edition

    Stas Hoffmann - 25.07.2004, 17:06

    Limited 'Condition Red'
    As I know, 'exutive' label, who ownz all rights of IS releases hasn't a contract with Russian Labels... It's uncool that we have to buy cheeper pirate CDs, copied from 'limited cds', DGpaks or (sorry, don't know the word :oops: ) CDs, what are sailed not by license, but by their real price (who knows the word? :) ). So if I haven't possibility to get the expensive album (it costs there about $20-40, & for a great number of people it's expensive!), I've got cheaper, $6-priced, copied from the Limited Edit with 2 bonus-tracks and also that's why Saviors cannot come to Russia with conserts. :? :cry:

    Re: Limited Edition

    atlantis - 26.07.2004, 15:32

    Same problem. First, we don't get IS here... and second, if we do, they're always pirated. That's not good for IS :( But I have to listen, so... :roll: Oh, and we don't get limited editions here either (normal or pirated). Oh, and all the piracy happens in other Asian countries because in Nepal no body would care to pirate IS - because they don't know about it :shock:

    Re: Limited Edition

    Stas Hoffmann - 27.07.2004, 13:02

    That's no good...%((

    But our situation looks more positive - "the fight with piracy" goes about 2 years, & we have some new laws against piracy. So, pirated cds you can buy much earlier offcial releas & sometimes they're more qualitative than lisence (I spoke about limited editions in previous posting), cheeper than official.

    But I think Nuclear Blast's monopoly will make decide the problem of piracy in the world%))))))))))

    Re: Limited Edition

    atlantis - 27.07.2004, 14:11

    NB monopoly? Never heard of this... could you explain? :shock:

    Re: Limited Edition

    Stas Hoffmann - 10.08.2004, 23:27

    atlantis wrote: NB monopoly? Never heard of this... could you explain? :shock:

    sorry, I couldnt be in the Net for some time...

    'NB monopoly' isn't the most right word I think, but situation is:
    some year ago a big number of bands kicked their labels & joined NB. Other bands countinue to do so. They (NB) make a very good promotion for metalbands who have a contract with them, but NB signs contracts only with already popular bands, having good reputation & past.

    Little labels don't like this pilitics, because NB 'steal the last piece of bread'...

    Re: Limited Edition

    Wong Chung Bang - 12.08.2004, 00:43

    Ah, there was something I forgot to mention previously, and I see this topic's at the top again... the limited edition of Battering Ram didn't, after all, come with the story booklet. Could you enlighten us as to what the storyline for the album is?

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