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    Re: who are you ?

    Windsweptgold - 15.07.2007, 01:26

    who are you ?
    We are all in this city for one reason the love of Gor and all that is Gorean.
    So who are you? For what ever reason you came to this city and you took a part why what made you pick this role?
    Did you like that type of person in the books?
    Is it close to who you are?
    I thought maybe it would be an idea if we post about ourselves in here for often in the city we gets only a glimpse of the caricature.

    I am the Chief Scribe, FC to the Magistrate
    I am a FW, I am the one that is very strict on others and myself , I was an only child my father was a great warrior who was killed in battle. My mother not wanting to loose the only reminder she had of her great love took me into seclusion.
    FW train from birth to serve men maybe even more thoroughly than a slave.
    My father was strict as was my mother this has carried on to myself.
    I appear cold around slaves for FW do not have time for them.
    I have a great fear but few know what that is i do try to hide it

    Re: who are you ?

    Windsweptgold - 18.07.2007, 04:22

    Interesting how 12 ppl have read this but none have added to it
    How can RP grow without involvement
    ** goes back to her office and closes the door locking it secur***

    Re: who are you ?

    RedSilver - 08.08.2007, 11:47

    Tal lady.

    I'm RedSilver Auer.
    I came in Jasmine with my brothers Damien & Carlos.

    As a warrior, from red cast, I like to follow the code we have.

    The most 'interesting' thing i like to do in Gor is recruiting & teaching to new recruits.

    About Warrior Code & Weapons.

    I agree my role play 'sucks' a little. Most know I'm french. My english is not bad but it's not always easy to understand a complete sentence (grins).

    Jasmine Guard Group is made by Americans and many Europeans.

    I enjoy this mix of cultures very much.

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