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    Re: Hello, can I join ESA??

    VooDooShaman - 14.07.2007, 16:46

    Hello, can I join ESA??
    Hello, my name is Marin (aka VooDooShaman). I am generally a COH / DOW / Warcraft 3 player and I would like to join the ESA clan.

    Best Regards VooDoo

    Re: Hello, can I join ESA??

    {ESA}Konigstiger - 15.07.2007, 14:45

    Hi VooDoo, welcome to our forum!

    First i need some information about you. Plz write your age, experiences, specialities etc. here.

    Also, we recommendd some test games before joining our coh squad. i guess you allready talked to skaffa.


    Re: Hello, can I join ESA??

    VooDooShaman - 16.07.2007, 13:06

    Well i'm 18. I have played coh for 2 months now, I'm not doing bad, I was ranked 30 in the axis ladder, however ran into some trouble with my internet so I dropped a few ranks.
    I have pleanty of experience in Warcraft 3 - 3 years. I've played in the WCG 2005 (well I didn't make it into the playoffs). Sadly I got bored of Warcraft a while ago so I haven't played it for an year. I play a lot of COD (not sure what that has to do with RTSes, but it's experience). My specialties are aggresive RTS games (DOW, COH etc) where you have to presure your opponent.
    I would gladly play some test games, just give me a hint when and versus who.
    Here's my xfire: voodooshaman

    I apologize for any spelling mistakes

    Re: Hello, can I join ESA??

    {ESA}Konigstiger - 17.07.2007, 19:20

    allright, sounds cool so far. Skaffa is on holidays until sunday, infinion is busy this days and iam too busy in university casue of exams so it might take some days for test games as the both are doing it. Hope you can understand that. I ll inform the both about it immediatly 8)

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