What Games did you play lately?

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    Re: What Games did you play lately?

    Riyn - 06.10.2007, 15:57

    What Games did you play lately?
    Any games you have played lately and want to talk about or recommend?

    I just played The Longest Journey and Dreamfall as a good funcom customer should and boy, these games were awesome. I fell in love with The longest Journey after 5 minutes. The graphic is old, but I like to play retro games anway. But damn, the voice acting is astonishing for a 90er game. April's voice is very nice and I love her sharp and cheeky coments about everything. The combination of that, the fantasy feeling of the world making me feel like reading a Jules Verne, and the voice acting of Crow.. A winner.

    Actually I wanted to give Dreamfall a try and figured I'd shoot TLJ first, dreamfall being the sequel to TLJ. Was a pleasant surprise to get a game at Monkey Island level. The start of dreamfall though...
    I didn't like dreamfall first when I started it. Third person perspective in a adventure? The camara being a major pain in the ass, and to top it off the great "Whiskey&Smokes"-Voice from a character of TLJ replaced with a peanut butter on white bread voice right at the start of the game.. Nope I wasn't that convinced at the start.
    But the game quickly changed my oppinon. at first with the good art. Not the game graphics, even though they are very good, but the art of the setttings. Each setting, each part of the world is not just that, but a peice of art. can't explain it better but the atmosphere of each area, coupled with the background music is way beyond most other games I played.
    Then they topped it of by giving the lead actor a voice with that one certain beautifull London-English accent... I love hearing her talk in that accent. I examined many things twice just to hear her say it again.

    I was hoping to get another TLJ when I played dreamfall and was disappointed first when I realized that I won't get that, but Dreamfall quickly took over with it's own charms.

    If you haven't played them and like adventures or stories, which TLJ and Dreamfall basically are, Go play it!
    Seriously :mad:

    Re: What Games did you play lately?

    Waqu - 07.10.2007, 06:25

    Gonna try dreamfall in couple hours when i finish downloading it. ;)

    Re: What Games did you play lately?

    Riyn - 07.10.2007, 13:43

    good call. :D

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