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Re: New Benny Interview

mailman - 25.10.2007, 12:07
New Benny Interview
New Benny Interview

Re: New Benny Interview

Joe - 25.10.2007, 12:53
Re: New Benny Interview
Thank you! Can anyone tell something about it or provide a translation please? ;-)


Re: New Benny Interview

johnny59 - 25.10.2007, 13:02

He enjoyed the production of the Mamma Mia movie and says it's cool to make music movies. He thinks it's more enjoyable than the creation of plays/musicals for the theatres and he can imagine to do more of them with new (!) songs.

He says he has a lot of older stuff in the archives that only waits for a fitting opportunity to be dug up. He confirms that "Crush on you" is an old demo from ABBA times.

Being asked about his talent to write song lyrics he tells us that his efforts in the past have evolved "hairraising" results and that Björn does all of it for the BAO songs. Benny only has to deliver the tune and an idea what the song should be about.

That's a brief summary of some highlights. Sorry, don't have the time for a complete review or a word-for-word translation.

Re: New Benny Interview

Joe - 25.10.2007, 14:08

johnny59 wrote: That's a brief summary of some highlights. Sorry, don't have the time for a complete review or a word-for-word translation.
That's ok to me! Thank you very much, Johnny!


Re: New Benny Interview

Visitor1982 - 25.10.2007, 14:36

You know, I find it interesting that Benny confirms that Crush On You was a demo recorded during the ABBA years.

That probably means that there are more demos out there that aren't published in The Complete Recording Sessions by Carl Magnus Palm, probably because they couldn't be found or something. The Wild Heart is another example of this, which has a 1981/1982 sound to it and is definately not sounding like a Chess demo.

After 1975 B&B only wrote songs for ABBA, so Crush On You from 1979 must have been intended for ABBA (probably a demo with Björn singing exists) but was ultimately shelved.

I wonder what more is out there...


Re: New Benny Interview

iancee - 25.10.2007, 15:01

A full translation can be found at http://abbanews.blogspot.com/

Direct link: http://abbanews.blogspot.com/2007/10/benny-i-want-to-make-another-movie.html

Re: New Benny Interview

johnny59 - 25.10.2007, 15:05

Visitor1982 wrote: I wonder what more is out there...



Re: New Benny Interview

WATERL00 - 25.10.2007, 15:22

So it seems Bonde söker fru doesn't have lyrics by Benny as it was said during the performance at Allsång på Skansen.

Re: New Benny Interview

Simsalabim - 25.10.2007, 17:56

Thanks for posting the link! :D

Re: New Benny Interview

iancee - 25.10.2007, 22:46

There's another translation here http://abbatoday2.googlepages.com/newsfeb222.

It's the fourth item down, dated October 24.

Re: New Benny Interview

Maxi-saxi - 28.10.2007, 04:09

You can bet your bottom $$ there is more out there, I e-mailed Carl Magnus Palm over this and he told me His ultimate goal was to put together a ABBA release containing many demos and various working plans of songs recorded in different ways. He told B & B he wanted to do it like or along the lines of
The Beatles Anthology.

He said Both B & B were not keen on this concept, But he reckons given time they may change there way of thinking

I can only hope one day they will as I believe there is still a lot we have to hear concerning ABBA


Re: New Benny Interview

jenlovesabba1982 - 28.10.2007, 13:53

thank you for summeray johnny intresting ! :lol:(happy 1st birthday to me its year ago well 16 october i joined this fablous forum keep up good work 1 :lol: )

Re: New Benny Interview

Carribean - 04.11.2007, 17:09

Here is the translation, from ABBA Mail:



Benny Andersson: It is more fun than theatre.

How much fun was it to adapt "Mamma Mia!" as a film?

Benny was so inspired that he would rather do more films than new theatre.

But first there is the new album. And to rebuild ice rinks and folkparks.

We met on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm where Benny Andersson has his office and studio. In his room with a view of the water, there is both a grand piano and a keyboard connected to a computer.

The album and concert is when the live musicians give swing to his songs. On Friday 26 October, Benny Anderssons Orkester play a dance at Globen. Göteborg people get to dance on 2 November.

How will the performances be at Globen and Skandinavium?

- The dance floor is on the rink, as big as it is. We have put down gunpowder on the surface.

Benny Andersson peers at a portable computer as he goes through the songs. Three and a half hours of dancing but still not everything he wants is in place.

In another digital folder, there are the ABBA songs that Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgård and the others have sung.

Did you see much of the "Mamma Mia" filming?

- Yes. It was something surreal to stand in Greece and see Meryl Streep on a rock in the sea singing "Winner Takes It All". I have seen every take.

Has it given you an appetite?

- It was more fun to make a film next time instead of theatre. I will produce and make sure it happens. And do the music. But how do you make a music film without it being a traditional musical? So you must also have a brain.

"Scary lyrics"

Well, almost. The brainy Benny Andersson has to work at being so really good. Although he doesn't want to work at song lyrics.

In the Hep Stars, you also wrote lyrics.

- I realised quickly that I wasn't going to do that.

Why's that?

- I didn't know English at the time I was writing English lyrics. "Sunny Girl" has scary lyrics. Good melody, good title, s*** lyrics.

On the new BAO CD, 7 of the 12 songs have lyrics. Like the unusual "Bonde söker fru" (Farmer seeks wife). It is almost a protest song that Björn and Benny have done.

- You have to ask Björn. He writes what he wants to write.

But you must surely be responsible for the lyrics?

- Of course, it is my band. The song is fun because it is a boogie. Björn asked what I thought of the title and I said ... yes.

- He thought to write about those dreadful docu-soaps.

Revealed from the song vaults

One of the choruses and melodies is taken from Benny's vault. "Crush On You" was written during the ABBA years.

- The chorus was ready and the demo lyrics were "Crush On You". There were just careless lyrics, an unfinished song. "Du är min man" is a really old thing. "Det är vi ändå" is also as old as the hills.

You have more in the vault?

- Oh yes, perhaps many things that I think are good but which would be better in a different forum to BAO.

In other words, more music exists. Just have to also think of a film.


... was "Helens brudval" (Helen's bridal waltz) written for Helen Sjöholm?

- Yes, it is her actual bridal waltz. I did it for her wedding.

... promoting his records.

- To be noticed you have to be on 40 TV shows in the same week. I promised myself whe I finished woth ABBA never to do that again.

... BAO's success.

- Both records have sold 140,000 copies. I would like to know who has sold more than that. Kent [Swedish group] perhaps?

... a BAO CD in English.

- Yes, I think so. ”Du är min man”, ”Lätt som en sommarfjäril”, ”Vår sista dans” are already recorded.

... the next long-runner on Svensktoppen.

- "Fait accomplit" perhaps? We have done a single of it.

... Kristina Lugn [poet, author] writing lyrics for one of the songs.

- She asked me to write the music for ”Jag har ett flygfotografi av kärleken” (I have an aerial photograph of love) [play by Kristina Lugn].

Article by Jens Peterson

Translated by Grant Whittingham for ABBAMAIL

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