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Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

contro - 14.07.2012, 17:53
Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA
Quote: Recording session of the ABBA-song "Voulez vous" in SAE studio, Stockholm.
Anders Wihk - Piano, Steve Gadd - Drums and Svante Henryson - Bass.
The CD with ABBA songs in groovy arrangements "SAME TREE DIFFERENT FRUIT-ABBA" will be released and on tour in October 2012.
The guest soloists on the album (not on the tour) is no less than David Sanborn, saxophone and Robben Ford on guitar.

SAME DIFFERENT FRUIT TREE - ABBA released to coincide with the tour start in Karlstad on October 3, then including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Borlänge and Helsingborg. Sweden The tour is followed by concerts in Japan and Korea.

The music was recorded in New York, Los Angeles and SAE studios in Solna. Producer and studio technicians are Bernard Löhr, Bjorn and Benny hustekniker for over 20 years, who also worked with artists such as Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Westlife and Celine Dion.

- Anders is both an amazing musician, dedicated in what he does and a nice guy. There was a mutual understanding between us even before we started playing. When I heard his piano playing was even better. A little fun is that I actually played in the same TV shows like ABBA in the late 70's, says Steve.

Steve Gadd, one of the world's top five drummers, constantly on tour and has played with everyone, almost literally, including Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, BB King, Steely Dan, Kate Bush, Al Jarreau, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Chick Corea. Steve also has its own unique signature drum kit from Yamaha.




Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

billydog - 14.07.2012, 18:06

I dont think its a rotten Apple but I would like to hear a bit more, I can imagine it fitting a certain mood and the musicians are obviously experienced and proficient enough. Reminds me a little of what Nils Landgren did, a little jazzy and funky. I suspect Gill might like this :wink:.
Thanks for the info Contro 8)


Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

contro - 14.07.2012, 18:33

The music featuring David Sanborn and Robben Ford will be very interesting to listen to. I esepcially like the work Sandborn did on David Bowie's Young Americans album.

Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

Geordiegirl - 15.07.2012, 21:05

billydog wrote: Reminds me a little of what Nils Landgren did, a little jazzy and funky. I suspect Gill might like this :wink:.S

I'm not sure which Gill you mean her Stu, but this one really does like it. You are right about it being in the same style as some of the Nils Landgren stuff. it really demonstrates how strong the melodies actually are in ABBA's uptempo tracks. I think some Voulez Vous and Dancing Queen need to be heard in arrangements like this so that the tune actually has room to brethe, where as with the original it can get lost to some extent in the overall sound.

You can give me this type of thing over the vast majority of the unofficial remixes any day. Gill

Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

billydog - 15.07.2012, 21:30

^^^I meant you Gill and thought it would be your cup of tea :D

S x

Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

Waldo - 19.07.2012, 21:04

I really like the sound of that and think it works really well with a jazz arrangement!

Waldo x

Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

Emmanuelle - 19.07.2012, 23:21

Robben Ford? Oh my! He's an amazing blues guitarist. That should be very interesting.

(Woohoo! 7,000th post!)

Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

dizzymoe33 - 19.07.2012, 23:27

^^congrats on your 7,000th post :D

Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

Emmanuelle - 19.07.2012, 23:38

Thank you! :D

And I've listened to the video and I really like it. That cleaned up my ears after the El Divo fiasco.

Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

contro - 26.08.2012, 20:02

Same Tree Different Fruit - ABBA (Sampler)


Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

Geordiegirl - 27.08.2012, 21:04

Thanks for posting that Contro, needless to say some work better than others. I didn't think Money Money Money did, which surprised me because I've always thought it would lend it'self to a laid back jazz arrangement, and I would have never recognised Fernando.

They did manage something I never tought possible, they took the cheese out of Thank You For The Music (although it was a ver short clip of it. Gill

Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

contro - 29.08.2012, 19:23


Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

contro - 07.09.2012, 18:43

DN article on Steve Gadd (Google translated):

The legendary drummerSteve Gadd has played with someof pop and jazz world's most greatest artists. Now he makes jazz by Abbas songs with Swedish pianist Anders Wihk.

Paul Simon, Steely Dan, Kate Bush, Eric Clapton, Al Jarreau, Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea and Paul McCartney are among the artists as American Steve Gadd kept rate access. His latest project is Abbas music in jazz clothing. It is a Swedish musician Anders Wihk that attracted him. He called simply the Steve Gadd on chance, and got surprising one Yes.
On 26 september released earnings cooperation between Wihk, Gadd
and bassist Svante Henryson on album "Same tree different fruit -
Abba ". Respective performances makes two other supermassive name: guitarist Robben Ford and saxophonist David

Making instrumental jazz by twelve classic Abba Hits perceived as stepping onto holy ground. How did you feel about it, Steve Gadd?
- If I had not thought that Anders Wihk had done a good job with the arrangements I had enough not been interested in the project, but they felt fantastic and I liked to play in this music, says Steve Gadd on phone
from his home in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

What do you think about Abbas music? - I was definitely familiar with
their music. I have great respect for what Björn and Benny have done. But this was the first time that
I played their music. Steve Gadd plays virtually all kind of music, it's not much he have not tried on during his long career. But he started out as just jazz musicians.
- Yes, I did, but when I moved to New York in the 60s I learned music, a lot of different groove and I love all kinds music.

Was there anything that was particularly difficult to turn Abbas music to jazz?
- It was challenging events who is also a tribute to Abbas music. Live, I thinkit will be even more exciting than it is on record.

Re: Same Tree Different Fruit ABBA

contro - 20.10.2012, 12:32

STDF enters the Swedish albums chart at no.7 this week.

Voulez-Vous, October 6 2012.
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