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Re: The first I have heard of this

jacko10 - 24.02.2008, 01:08
The first I have heard of this
The first I have heard of this

Anyone could shed light on these recordings?


Finn Kalvik with ABBA - On the Run

when were they done?


Re: The first I have heard of this

welshabbalover - 24.02.2008, 02:17

I know the ABBA members participated on several other albums for fellow Polar-Albums etc etc, as well as B&B writing and producing for them etc.

Can't give you any specific info, but it has an ABBA sound. Especially the harmonizing guitars [like in KMKY] a piano intro like MMM, along with the bit of music seen 19-25 seconds :P


Re: The first I have heard of this

welshabbalover - 24.02.2008, 02:20

Here's another

Natt og dag

Re: The first I have heard of this

Carribean - 24.02.2008, 02:45

Finn worked with the ABBA members on several occasions:

On The Run/Pa Flukt is from 1979. It was produced by Benny with backing vocals by Agnetha, Frida and Tomas Ledin.

Here In My Heart/Aldrig I Livet is from 1981, again produced by Benny. Backing vocals by both Agnetha and Frida with Benny playing his Yamaha GX-1 and grand piano.

Wake Up To Love is also from 1981, produced by Benny with Agnetha and Tomas Ledin on backing vocals.

The English songs mentioned above are on a mini cd called The English Polar Recordings (only 500 copies), released in 1998. It was a project started by the fanclub. A fouth song is called The Last Of The Vikings (1983) and is produced by Mike Tretow.

Finn also lived with Benny & Frida for a while and remembers daily breakfasts with them. He even had his own key!

Info from the ABBF magazine, issue 54, March 1998.

Re: The first I have heard of this

Maxi-saxi - 24.02.2008, 06:02

News to me as well, I enjoyed the clips, thanks for the links and very interesting Ron, Thanks for the information.


Re: The first I have heard of this

Toni - 24.02.2008, 10:06

I often read about Finn Kalvik and that members of ABBA joined him with his records, but now it´s the first time that I heard two those songs.

It´s really fantastic, how clear you can hear the voices of Frida & Agnetha. The arrangements sound very ABBA-like, too.

I think I will look for the records of Finn! :thumbup:

Re: The first I have heard of this

jacko10 - 04.03.2008, 01:54

Thanks for the

Imformation Ron

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