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Re: ABBA in space!

burningmybridges - 18.03.2007, 23:19
ABBA in space!
I wasn't sure where to put this, since there's no space forum here..

The thing is: During the American space ship "Challenger"s recent space flight, there was a Swedish austronaut named Christer Fuglesang working on board.
He's interviewed by Norwegian paper "Dagbladet" ( He's got a Norwegian father ). And, he tells that he brought ABBA music with him to listen to while in space. ( Together with Magnus Uggla, Cornelis Wreeswijk, Bellmann and Grieg )
So, it seems that, since ABBA's success has reached all around the world, space is next! :D

Re: ABBA in space!

ABBAnator - 18.03.2007, 23:35

Not to be picky or anything but the space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after launch in 1986, I think your referring to Atlantis. :wink:

I think it's pretty cool that they send up experts from other countries in space shuttle missions showing the international spirit of the american space program. I also read that a Swede was on the current mission.

So he played ABBA in space? That is interesting. But really, being that ABBA is the most famous Swedish musical group in history and his being Swedish, could he play anything else? :D

Bruce 8)

Re: ABBA in space!

burningmybridges - 18.03.2007, 23:54

Ooops, yes, a little name mix-up there. :oops: According to my news paper the name of the space ship was "Discovery".

Fuglesang also tells, that every "morning" they woke up to music picked by their families, as a greeting. So, one morning they woke up to "Waterloo", picked by Fuglesangs family.

Indeed it was appropriate of him to play ABBA, but I think it was by coincidence, because he likes them.


Re: ABBA in space!

abbascots - 19.03.2007, 00:05

Hello burningmybridges
Yes i remember reading about this it seems ABBA music is everywhere including space! :lol:

Re: ABBA in space!

Cronus - 19.03.2007, 04:12

Here you go, Geir. Photos and all! :D


Re: ABBA in space!

Maxi-saxi - 19.03.2007, 04:36

That is pretty cool!


I believe the song he woke up to was I Have A Dream

Re: ABBA in space!

burningmybridges - 19.03.2007, 19:39

Hello, and thanks, Cronus! :D

I wasn't aware that this already'd been a topic, I must have missed it at the time.

So long - Geir :)
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