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Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Anonymous - 14.11.2006, 15:29
ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!
It seems that in Britain we are to be treated to yet another ABBA documentary to air on ITV1. Produced by 'The Winner Takes It All - The ABBA Story' company Iambic Productions the show, 'ABBA: Thank You For The Music', is to be broadcast sometime around Christmas.


Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Anonymous - 14.11.2006, 15:43

It appears one of those involved in the 90-minute programme is Liz McClarnon, former member of Atomic Kitten :lol: , but perhaps a little more exciting and as revealed on her website, is the revelation that the programme is going to feature 'the first ever complete recording and performance' of 'The Girl With The Golden Hair'...


Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Anonymous - 14.11.2006, 17:02

This is intresting news Video recorder at the ready of this. I know its going to be a good show.

Thanks for this info.


Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Didi - 14.11.2006, 22:05
ITV/Girl With The Golden Hair
I suppose we had better support this one. I am sure they will try their best, will it include, I hope, Get On The Carousel?


Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

iancee - 14.11.2006, 22:16

The paragraph in question needs to be read *very* carefully:

[quote]30 years on, Iambic Productions presents the first ever complete recording and performance of the musical in the UK, starring Atomic Kitten's Liz McClarnon and creator of The Rocky Horror Show Richard O'Brien.[/quote]

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

andy2k4 - 15.11.2006, 00:18

Hopefully this will be a good show!

The first performance and recording of the complete musical in the UK? Were none of the performances during the 1977 tour recorded on bootleg? lol.

I wonder if they will be using bootleg recordings to structure the musical exactly as it was originally performed?

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Anonymous - 15.11.2006, 01:27

I wonder if more footage of ABBA's performance of 'The Girl With The Golden Hair' has been unearthed since the release of 'ABBA - The Movie' and if this is planned to be included... Would be great if this is the case (and I'm sure more does exist, maybe not only of Australia but of London as well - bound to resurface in some future project). They found scraps of additional footage from the tour and the premiere for Carl Magnus Palm's interview in the Movie Bonus after all...

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Maxi-saxi - 15.11.2006, 05:08

Yes I read about this new special, At least :lol: :lol: good news it will be available later to purchase on Dvd,
As all of there other specials involving ABBA have been, Sounds good :lol:


Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Visitor1982 - 15.11.2006, 18:50

People, people! READ! It's not ABBA's performance of The Girl With The Golden Hair! It's one of the singers of Atomic Kitten who will be singing the four songs!


Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Didi - 15.11.2006, 20:21

Which members of Atomic Kitten? Haven't they had line up after line up with the girlies falling out, going off on solo careers then ending up presenting crap ITV Play at 4am in the morning?

Joking apart, it will be interesting for US, I don't know if the average ITV viewer used to "Im A Dimwhit Failing Star Desperate To Revive My Career Get Me Out Of Here" shows will understand the Girl With The Golden Hair concept. One has to have an IQ of over 3.987 (average IQ for an ITV viewer) to understand the clever concept of a musical within an music concert!

I for one will watch with great interest to see if they pull it off. (Barf!)


Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Anonymous - 15.11.2006, 21:39

oh God!!! sounds awful!!!

PS when abba is mentioned do they always have to say something bad about Agnetha, blah blah bitter sweet blah blah recluse!! that bugs me!!! :twisted:

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Maxi-saxi - 16.11.2006, 05:48

Well Super Trouper and the Winner Takes It All DVD's were't that bad, They now what makes money :lol:

I'm looking foward to the release on DVD


Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Anonymous - 21.11.2006, 00:21

I don't think I will watch this...if it was the *real* one maybe...but not this ITV/Ex-Atomic Kitten-Helmed one!

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

jenlovesabba1982 - 22.11.2006, 11:26

worth watching but atomic ktten star noooo i agree with deigo on that on e why do the always put angetha as a depressed person bloody annoyingmakes soo angry !

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Didi - 22.11.2006, 11:30
Agnetha happy...
She didn't look depressed on Mamma Mia! night did she! I also wish they'd stop all this rubbish about her being so lonely! She was surrounded that night by people who loved her! Why don't they show that footage of her arriving, that would shut them up!


Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Maxi-saxi - 27.11.2006, 04:23

Well said my friend, But remember they write this rubbish to sell more papers,

Maxi-saxi :roll:

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Maxi-saxi - 27.11.2006, 04:24

I'm still going to get the DVD when released next year anyway

Maxi-saxi :roll:

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

spong - 29.12.2006, 02:41


hold on to your dosh for a bit longer , Maxi.
it would appear this Carrousell debate will go on for a bit and i wonder if the 4th bit will be on a "new" dvd to releive us of said dosh.

speaking of rubbish in the press , why is it that they insist on saying "they had a lot of pain in the end" all the time instead of just concentrating on why they sold millions and millions and millions and mill...oh , you get the point.

gary :D

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Maxi-saxi - 29.12.2006, 06:27

Yes I get the point sponge!

Maxi-saxi :cry: :lol: :o

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

onlyabba4me - 01.01.2007, 13:37

It may be several Years before ITV1 show an ABBA Documentary again. 'Thank You For The Music' got only 3.8 Million to 3.9 Million UK Viewers - terrible for both ITV1, & for an ABBA Show, on that Channel.

It shows that UK Viewers now have far more TV Channels to watch, & no longer feel the need to be tied to the 2 biggest UK Channels - ITV1 & BBC1.

Also it shows that many people, who once watched ABBA on UK TV, no longer see any point in doing so - they feel that there is nothing left that we do not already know about ABBA, & have not already seen or heard.

You can see this by the fact that, 'The Winner Takes It All', got over 10 Million UK Viewers when it was shown. 'Super Troupers', (also called, 'ABBA - The Reunion'), got just under 10 Million UK Viewers, when that was shown. Well over 50% of those former ABBA Viewers were not interested this time.

ITV1 will have taken this on board - and it will likely decide not to bother with ABBA for a very long time, now - if ever.....Michael Grade has just left the BBC to take over ITV, & his job is to get its Audiences back. (ITV has been losing its Audience Share for a long time). The ABBA Documentary was commissioned before he joined ITV - he only joined them a few Weeks ago. He will make sure that ABBA do not get a Show on ITV1 again - or ITV2.....

The Show had ZERO impact on ABBA's UK Sales - it was unable to get the Sales of, 'Number Ones' to rise. Indeed it could not even stop that Album LEAVING the UK Chart!

It was at Number 64 before the TV Show, & in yesterday's UK Top 75 Album Chart, it dropped out. Nor could the TV Show get, 'Gold', back into the Top 75 - it has not been in it since December 2005.....

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Didi - 01.01.2007, 15:22

It is what I have been saying for pretty much a year or two. Everyone, including us are fed up with the same clips released over and over.

It is time now for Universal to take stock, get some of US in and ask us what we want! We all have great ideas and they are stupid not to entertain the thoughts of the real ABBA fans.


Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

DistantDrums - 01.01.2007, 19:01

I'm a bit puzzled as to why Number 1's has left the UK chart. I was browsing the web for bargains, and saw it was as high as No. 20 in Cd-Wow's chart for this week. Take a look for yourself.



Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

onlyabba4me - 02.01.2007, 01:01

DistantDrums, CD-Wow MAY contribute Sales Data to the UK National/Official Chart - I am not sure. However, if it does, it will only report Sales to The Official UK Charts Company, that are from UK Credit or Debit Cards, & UK Addresses. As it is an International Site, & The OCC do not allow Sales to count towards the UK Charts, that are from people outside the UK, buying CD's, or DVD's on the Internet.

I know a guy at The OCC, & he told me this in December - as I asked him if The OCC added Internet CD Sales to their UK Chart Data. He told me that they DO take Sales from Sites like AMAZON.uk, but - to stop 'Over Seas People' affecting the UK Charts, only Sales made to people with UK Addresses etc. are counted - the rest are ignored.

Also, you cannot tell by the AMAZON.uk Chart, (for example), how well an ABBA CD may do in the next Official/National UK Chart. In December 2005, an ABBA Documenatry was shown on ITV1 - 'ABBA's Greatest Hits', & that got over 7 Million UK Viewers. It caused 'Gold' to reach Number 10 in the AMAZON.uk Chart. However, when the next Official/National UK Chart came out, a few days later, the ABBA TV Show had only actually caused 'Gold' to Re-Enter the UK Top 75 at Number 50 - and it dropped out a Week later - and has not been in since.

So, the December 2005 Show caused 'Gold' to do a lot better in the AMAZON.uk Chart than in the Official UK Chart. This is because AMAZON.uk are only a tiny part of the Sites & Stores that give Sales Data to The OCC, & you cannot judge that a ABBA CD will make the National Top 10 again, just because it is back in the AMAZON.uk Top 10.

Likewise, you cannot judge by how well an ABBA CD is doing in the CD-Wow Chart, as to how it will do in the Official UK Chart. For a start, many of the Sales that had 'Number Ones' at Number 20 in the CD-Wow Chart will have been from many Countries outside the UK. Only the UK Sales will have been counted for the Official Chart. They were - obviously -only very small, at CD-Wow, for its UK Sales. (That is if the OCC use ANY UK Sales from CD-Wow to begin with - I am not sure).

Everytime an ABBA Documentary is shown on UK TV, I go to the AMAZON.uk Site, a few Hours later - to see if UK Viewers have started buying 'Gold', or 'Number Ones', again. The AMAZON.uk Site is constantly Selling CD's, so its Albuim Chart changes every Hour. Since the ABBA Documentary was shown, on the 27th, 'Gold' has been back up to Number 94 at AMAZON.uk - and it was at Number 100, at about 9PM on New Year's Eve. I checked many times a day, on the 28th, 29th, 30th, & 31st, & Number 94 was the highest that 'Gold' reached due to the Show. It was at Number 890 at AMAZON.uk just before the Show was shown. (It is at Number 115, as I type).

'Number Ones' was affected less by the Show. It was at Number 678, just before the Show, & got no higher than Number 350, after it. (It is at Number 776, as I type this. So - at AMAZON.uk, anyhow - 'Gold' looks set to be bought as THE ABBA Compilation to have again - and 'Number Ones', is fading away, there).

Re: ITV1 - The ABBA Love Affair Continues!

Maxi-saxi - 02.01.2007, 04:15

Intresting comments I think if people or first time ABBA buyers, they would probally go for Gold rather than Number Ones. Mind you I could be wrong though, they may go for the later.

Everytime a ABBA Documentry is on Television over here in New Zealand as well you always find Cd sales really take off soon after.

Maxi-saxi :lol:
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