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Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

Gautigoth - 07.09.2010, 22:01
ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976
This seem to be the best thread to post this in. I remember that my mother woke me up early one day, ca 1976-77, telling me all the members of ABBA had died in a plane crash. We were both huge ABBA fans but she died in 1997.

I was really depressed for a day or two until I realized it wasn't true. I don't remember the actual paper or any news about it. Does anyone have any idea where this came from? I know there were some flight turbulence during the tour in the USA. It might have been the inspiration and Swedish media back then would take any chance to kill off ABBA:s success.

But I have thought about this for decades now. Does someone else remember this? Does anyone know where it came from?

Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

Geordiegirl - 07.09.2010, 22:52

The turbulnt flight in the USA was during the '79 tour, so this can't have been the inspiration.

I don't think there was any specific reason or cause for the rumour, there were several variations on it, including it being a bus crash & Frida being the only survivor but she would never be able to sing again. I think it was just one of those things, along the lines of "Paul McCartney is dead" when the Beatles released Abbey Road. One paper starts something to increase their sales & then another picks up on it before you know it everybody has heard it. Gill

Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

ben5450 - 07.09.2010, 22:55

I think it was a German paper which started the rumor but not sure. :?
However what said Gill is probably the most possible.

Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

ellielovesabba - 07.09.2010, 23:03

Didn't the paper say that only Frida had survived, but could never perform again...

Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

ben5450 - 07.09.2010, 23:27

So according to a ABBA biography in French 19th may 1976 a guy called Jürgen listened east-german radio and he heard about a plane crash in Berlin, and the four ABBA member were on this plane. Then he called to a German radio and the rumor increase and increase. Hours later, many country think that rumor is true, and they think is the only survivor but she won't be able to sing anymore.
:lol: What one guy can do :!:

Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

Lisa - 08.09.2010, 00:28

Yeah I remember that too and I remember reading that when Abba heard of that they immediatley had to phone home to say they were okay because it spread so fast. What a horrible rumour that was.. especially for family members :roll:.

Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

Fire&Ice - 08.09.2010, 00:38

Yes, it was in 76 as I attended the sixth grade at primary school. I remember that day very well. :(

I was told that they had been killed in a car crash. My parents considered keeping me home the next day, but fortunately, ABBA informed the public they were ok. I remember they did it very very quickly. Which was much appreciated by me.

Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

abbascots - 08.09.2010, 00:51

I Think thats an appauling story (thank god i was too young in 76 too even hardly know music nevermind be a fan too have known about this i only read about it in the early 2000s on some site) This must have been a terrible shock for the fans who wear around at that time as Ivana confirms :shock: It just shows how false and innacurate rumours can escalate and cause so much stress :wink:


Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

Geordiegirl - 08.09.2010, 21:29

I read somewhere that one of the biggest problems was that no one believed them when they tried to prove that it wasn't true. Gill

Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

Toggler - 28.11.2010, 19:32
I suppose such rumours are proof of a successful band !

In any case, I don't think such rumours of a plane crash / car crash made it to the UK. I never heard such stories.



Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

DistantDrums - 28.11.2010, 19:51

I became a fan in 1976, but don't remember anything like this appearing in the newspaper, mind you i always read the 'Daily Express', and I guess you would only find this kind of trashy gossip in 'The Sun' newspaper :lol:

Re: ABBA died in plane crash in ca 1976

drimnagh - 28.11.2010, 20:35

I vaguely recall this. It's sad but true that a lot of famous groups had/have to contend with this kind of thing.

When you think about it, myth/reality often become blurred in some people's minds.. I'm sure many people believed it at the time- because if it's the news/media, it must be true, right? No. I can well imgaine in the future some conspiracy theories surfacing about heaven knows what..
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