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Re: Dutch TV channel "192TV"

Angeleyes - 26.11.2010, 15:15
Dutch TV channel "192TV"
For the Dutch fans:

Since 2010, July there's a new TV channel called "192TV". They are broadcasting clips and performances from the 50's, 60's and 70's (but also 80's and 90's music) from various artists >> 24 hours a day!! http://www.192tv.nl/home.html.
And it is possible that they broadcast your favourite clip(s) on demand! :rotate:

Here's a promo clip of this channel:
This channel has many ABBA clips (f.e. Eddy Go Round Show! :excited: ) in the archives, but also some clips from German and French television!!

:!: Ask your cable operator for more info about this channel!!! As it is only hosted by "Caiway" at the moment... :(

There's also a possibility to watch this channel every day for half an hour from 8pm on this channel:

Hope this channel will be broadcasted everywhere in Holland soon! :D

Re: Dutch TV channel "192TV"

Angeleyes - 09.03.2011, 19:28
Re: Dutch TV channel "192TV"
Angeleyes wrote: Hope this channel will be broadcasted everywhere in Holland soon! :D From July this (digital) channel can be viewed by everyone in Holland. :excited:

Re: Dutch TV channel "192TV"

gerald - 17.03.2011, 10:46


On which satellite it is broadcast ?
I live in top east of France near Strasbourg .
Is there a chance for me to watch it ?
Thanks a lot
OG :thumbup:

Re: Dutch TV channel "192TV"

Angeleyes - 17.03.2011, 13:42

gerald wrote: On which satellite it is broadcast ? :oops: Sorry, but I have no clue...

I can't watch this channel myself as I don't have Digital television. A lot of people in Holland have already, that's why I mentioned this here on the forum.

I really hope there's is somebody here who will record some nice ABBA material that will be broadcasted on this channel and who wants to share this with us. :D You'll never know what comes around...
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